About Us

Seven Spires Investments Limited is a technology sector investment vehicle established in 2003. It has an annual budget of circa £5m for investment and re-investment in the portfolio; however this total can be stretched when necessary.

We seek to invest in technology-based, private companies based in the United Kingdom. We like to see strong intellectual property in our investee companies. Particularly in the case of early-stage companies, this will often be in the form of patents, however defensible ‘knowhow’ is equally valued. We like to work with world-class scientists, engineers and technologists. In the case of later-stage companies, proven revenue streams can to some extent offset our requirement for strong IP. We are looking for companies that can address global markets and which are expected to scale to a valuation in excess of $100m.

We have no minimum level of investment and can routinely invest up to £1m p.a. into any single company. We are prepared to invest at any stage in the development of a company, up to and including the last round preceeding an IPO or trade sale. We usually co-invest with others, sometimes acting as lead investor and sometimes alongside another VC lead. Occasionally we will invest alone in a particularly interesting company.

We are interested in most high technology sectors with the exception of pharmaceutical drug development opportunities. We have a particular interest in technologies which can add significant value in the automotive, energy or building sectors.

Ian Page and Edward McCabe are the UK based management team and report to the Board of Seven Spires Investments Limited. Previously Ian was Reader in Computation in the Programming Research Group at the University of Oxford. He was founder of AIM-listed, Oxford spinout Celoxica Ltd and has been Visiting Professor at Imperial College and the Cass Business School. Edward McCabe brings a wealth of experience from banking, investment management, and running a large corporate organisation as CEO and Chairman, in addition to co-founding several technology start-up companies.

Earlt stage technology invesment